Howe Sound Secondary CAN (Submitted by Diddi Price)


In May Marg Huber and I attended a meeting of the HSSCAN gardening leaders, where our gift was enthusiastically received. Once Marg presented the idea of a composter, the students considered the merits of the various types, and settled on the three-step. It needs just once-a-month attention; material added this spring would be ready for use in the fall.


They have installed the composter in their protected courtyard, and intended to begin by adding just grass clippings, leaves, etc., rather than foodstuff, to see how it goes. Because their main focus is supporting the climate through student education, they are concerned but not disturbed by the prospect of some produce being consumed by the general public: food has still been grown for local consumption. The student population will taste fresh product, be prompted to think about where their food comes from, and see waste matter become productive soil. Great goals that we all share. Marg also suggested that they use our club as a support, and invited them to attend our speakers as honorary members. 


I stopped by on my way to our June meeting, and was stunned to see their gardens: lush and healthy, while mine is still shivering in the cold. And I was so proud to have anything at all growing this spring! The members and teachers have decided to care for the gardens themselves over the summer.